Privacy Statement

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If you contribute to Walla Walla Wine Review, you are publishing your words to the general public. If you write something, assume that it will be retained forever.

When you edit any page on this site, you are publishing a document. This is a public act, and you are identified publicly with that edit as its author.


Community interactions depend on the reputation and respect that is built up through a history of valued contributions. User passwords are the only guarantee of the integrity of a user's edit history. All users are encouraged to select strong passwords and to never share them. No one shall knowingly expose the password of another user to public release either directly or indirectly.


The email address you provide when creating an account enables other logged-in users to send email to you through the wiki. Your address will not be revealed to them unless you respond, or possibly if the email bounces. The email address may be used by Walla Walla Wine Review to communicate with users on a wider scale.

Your email address will not be provided to anyone except in response to a valid subpoena or other compulsory request from law enforcement as required by law.

Information sharing with third parties

Walla Walla Wine Review will not sell or share private information, such as email addresses, with third parties, unless you agree to release this information, or it is required by law to release the information. When required by law to release such information, Walla Walla Wine Review will notify, when possible, those members of the community whose personally identifiable data has been sought through, or produced as a result of, civil or criminal legal process, except when such notification is forbidden by state or federal law in the United States of America.

Deletion of Content

Removing text from Walla Walla Wine Review does not permanently delete it. In normal articles, anyone can look at a previous version and see what was there. If an article is "deleted", any user with "administrator" access on the wiki can see what was deleted. Information can be permanently deleted by those people with access to the servers, but there is no guarantee this will happen except in response to legal action.