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Walla Walla produces a lot of delicious wine

Walla Walla wine is making quite a splash around the country.

Wine bloggo-sphere goes bat$@#t crazy over controversial post regarding Cayuse wines — suggesting that it is possible to determine whether a wine is good or not by testing it's chemistry in a lab, which is, of course, complete bollocks.

Tulsa World's Scott Cherry tags Charles Smith, the rock star of wine.

Esquire magazine calls us out as the "Walla Walla Wine Ghetto" while proclaiming that the region produces "some of the country's best wines" and is the "most promising viticultural area in the U.S."

A list of Walla Walla Valley wine recommendations from the Los Angeles Times.

The Seattle Times asks, "Is Walla Walla "the next Napa"?

Patrick Comiskey of Wine Review Online ponders Walla Walla's rocky geology.

Karen Reed-Mattheed, editor of Seattle Woman magazine, shares her experience with the region.

Men's Vogue throws a couple of links on the fire.

Wine Peeps posts a report from a sampling of vineyards.

Aviation Today reports: "Alaska Airlines Vacations Uncorks New Walla Walla Wine Country Travel Packages".

Wine Spectator snaps a series of pictures: an interview with Rick Small, owner of Woodward Canyon, the wineries of Drew Bledsoe, Geoff Tate, and Kyle MacLachlan.

Questions from Harvey Steiman, Ste. Michelle's acquisition of Spring Valley Vineyard, Chris Figgins on the harvest, and tasting highlights from Cayuse.

Grade A for 2007 vintages, and a list of Washington wines and their scores.

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