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Rosita's Restaurant

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Rosita's Restaurant
1005 S 9th Ave
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Rosita's Restaurant, located on 9th Street, near the Walla Walla Fairgrounds delivers its own unique brand of tex-mex cuisine.

Word on the street

Timothy says: "Rosita's is the best mexican food in town, by far. It also happens to be my favorite place to eat in Walla Walla with the possible exception of my own kitchen. Tell Rosita that "San Antonio" sent you. My favorite meal at Rosita's is the Caldo Tejano, or the chicken fajitas sans green peppers. The enchiladas are excellent also. Did I mention the soft tacos? Of course, the true test of a mexican restaurant is the pico de gallo and the salsa. You will need to ask for seconds. -- Oh man, I'm getting hungry just typing this."

Rachel says: "The only bad thing about Rosita's is that they are closed on Sunday. Try the green enchiladas, if you like hot and spicy."



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