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Walla Walla Wine Review is a community -- the most important thing is for everyone to respect each other.

Things that won't be permitted:

Vulgar language
Personal attacks
Inappropriate photos

Things that are allowed:

Pages about businesses:

If you run a business, Walla Walla Wine Review welcomes you to register and post information about your business. However, you may only create one page for your business. Your business page should be informational. When you create a page, there is a link called "Content Templates". Select it and in the drop down, choose "New Page Template", then click the "Use Template" link and it will insert the basic content structure for a new page.

Before you create a page, make sure your business is not already featured by using the search. If you create more than one page for a business, it may be deleted. Think of Walla Walla Wine Review as an encyclopedia of information about Walla Walla with one entry per subject.

Please remember that this is a public Wiki. Any registered user can change any public page on the site. That means that other registered users can change your page. Vandals, of course, will be banned and their changes will be rolled back. Legitimate information and opinions will be allowed however.

On Wikipedia.org, businesses and individuals are not permitted by the community to post information about themselves. We're going to do it a little bit different because it will be neat to have a great informational resource about Walla Walla and business owners are certainly qualified to speak about their brand's advantages.

Business pages should be written in a neutral tone. Comparing your business to a competitor or demeaning a competitor is not allowed.

It is important to remember that Walla Walla Wine Review is a community. Please be a good citizen.


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For more information, read the Terms and Conditions of using this site.

If you have any concerns, please contact us.


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