“a sense of place”

CreekTown Cafe
1129 S. 2nd Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Sadly, CreekTown Cafe is no longer with us. However, it has re-opened as South Fork Grill.

Word on the street

Timothy says: "CreekTown Cafe is the best fine dining restaurant in Walla Walla and within walking distance of our house. A distinct advantage if we want to have a couple of glasses of wine during dinner. This is the place to go for that romantic candlelit dinner someone you know deserves.

Local products are used in many of the dishes which is an ecologically sustainable way of purchasing food for a dining establishment. Responsible restaurant owners should be lauded for purchasing products in this manner. See the website Sustainable Table for more information about this practice. If you are curious, CreekTown Cafe has a page on their website listing the local vendors that they work with.

The one thing that really stands out at CreekTown is the polenta. I have yet to treat my palette to polenta as delicious anywhere else. It is light and creamy on the inside with a crispy fried shell on the outside. For visual interest, it is formed into a triangle. Absolutely wonderful.

I believe that they are still serving a dish that I suggested and I would recommend that you try it and let them know that Timothy sent you. The description from their dinner menu, "Lamb Vindaloo: Fehrenbacher lamb, house-made vindaloo curry, local red potatoes and sweet onions, with a ghee poached pear and cous-cous."

The owners are gracious hosts. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is tasteful with an attention to detail. Take your parents here and they will think you're sophisticated. You're probably not but appearances are important and you'll have a fine meal while pulling the wool over their eyes.

By the way, Mom will enjoy the huge selection of desserts, so leave a little room."

Rachel says: "CreekTown's chicken marsala is a wonderfully rich dish. It is served with creamy pollenta and in-season vegetables. For those of you unfamiliar with pollenta think deep fried cornbread made with heavy cream. Creektown will make the pollenta and marsala sauce as an appetizer, too. You just need to make the special request. It is so rich you may not need to order the entree."


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