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Jerry's Custom Cabinets

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Jerry's Custom Cabinets
1949 N. Columbia St.
Milton Freewater, OR 97862

Word on the street

Rachel says: "Jerry Walker owns and operates this cabinetry shop in a town just 10 miles from Walla Walla. When my spouse and I asked for a bid, Jerry came to our house personally and listened to our plans. In fact, at the end of the measuring session he repeated back all the extra details I'd asked about in order to make sure he understood exactly what design we were after. As a idea for pricing we took the same design to a big box home improvement store. Jerry not only provided a better fit (no spacers to force standard size cabinets into an odd shaped room) for about the same price, but his quote included installation and a laminate countertop. Additionally, Jerry's handcrafted cabinets can be custom stained able to match the color of the built-ins already in our 1920s house. If you are looking for cabinets - kitchen, bath, or utility room - call Jerry first."


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