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Pioneer Park Aviary

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Pioneer Park Aviary
Pioneer Park
Walla Walla, WA 99362
@ City of Walla Walla website


Friends of Pioneer Park Aviary
Friends of Pioneer Park Aviary @ Facebook

Pioneer Park Aviary, located in the southwest corner of the historic 58-acre Pioneer Park, is home to approximately 200 exotic birds.

The facility is open and free to the public to view the birds during open hours of the park (dawn to dusk). The Aviary features colorful pheasants, ducks, geese and doves from around the world.

These are colorful birds you may not see anywhere but in zoos. Approximately 50 varieties of birds are displayed. Best viewing times are while the caretaker is feeding, and during the spring, when the males are in full color. The waterfowl reside in two large net-covered pond enclosures that are easily accessible for viewing by walking along a paved pathway.

Latest news

The Pioneer Park Aviary is funded by donation and they are having a hard time this year.

The Aviary is one of the really cool things about Walla Walla and every time we have guests with kids, this is high on the list of places to visit.

Please help the Aviary stay open by adopting a bird on the Friends of Pioneer Park Aviary site.


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