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Waterdrop Workshop

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Waterdrop Workshop
Walla Walla, WA 99362


Waterdrop Workshop builds modern handcrafted furniture using reclaimed lumber from the Walla Walla region.

Water Drop seeks truth in design and by that we mean accepting and honoring not only the winding path of innovation, but also the subtle imperfections and character of materials we use. By passing these qualities to the final pieces we produce, we are forging our way into new realms of design. We take great measures towards sourcing salvaged metals, wood, or wind fallen timber in an effort to help lower our impact on the earth and to find materials with character and beauty. In doing so, our pieces embody the natural beauty of each raw material we source.

Word on the street

Timothy says: "They have one of the best elevator pitches I've read in awhile, "Blending inspiration from engineering, the arts and ergonomics, we aim to create handcrafted furnishings and sculpture that blend the lines between form and function with innovative designs that are modern, yet timeless." Beautiful writing, plus the pieces look amazing. Check out the website for some pics."


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